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Ringworm Treatment for Humans

ringworm treatment for humans showing hand with ringworm sore

Ringworm on hand

Ringworm treatment for humans can be done at home with non-prescription antifungal creams or ointments. Ringworm is a fungus infection with quite distinctive symptoms, one being a raised worm-like looking ring sore. If you see these sores they need treating immediately. Ringworm is primarily diagnosed based on the appearance of these sores.

Ringworm is a very contagious condition and a ringworm treatment needs to be continued for a month, but the ringworm symptoms should improve within two weeks. If symptoms persist longer than two months, or it returns repeatedly, you should see your doctor, as you might need antifungal prescription pills, such as Diflucan or Sporanox, to treat the ringworm infection, but these can have serious side effects.

The antifungal creams and ointments recommended have active antifungal ingredients such as miconazole, terbinafine and tolnaftate. The main brand names are: Phytozine and Lotrimin. These can be bought without a prescription.

Ringworms in humans can merge into a rash over large areas of skin. Where blisters develop in thes large areas of sores, there is risk of a bacterial infection developing and an antiseptic treatment is needed. After washing the rashes with soap and water, and drying thoroughly, a cold compresses made with Burow’s solution can be applied as this soothes and dries the blisters.

Burow’s solution is an antibacterial and astringent solution made with an aluminium acetate solution in water. There is a brand name of this mixture, called Domeboro.

The antifungal cream or ointment should be applied past the edge of the rash or sore.

athlete's foot ringworm sore under toe

Athlete's foot sore under toe

It is not uncommon to have several patches of ringworms in more than one place on your body at once. This is especially so with athlete’s foot and jock itch. The fungus from the foot (athlete’s foot) is transferred to the groin (jock itch) when putting on underwear. Ringworm has different names depending on which part of the body is infected.

A 1% Phytozine cream, gel or powder is a good athlete's foot and Jock itch treatment, but also includes not doing any activity that can spread this contagious infection to others, like swimming.

Antifungal skin creams, lotions or ointments are usually sufficient to cure ringworm treatment in humans completely within 4 weeks. If your ringworm infection does not respond well to self-care, it usually responds quickly to antifungal pills. Antibiotics may sometimes be needed to treat accompanying bacterial infections.

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